Take Action

1. Sign a petition.

There are plenty of organizations that do research for you and offer a myriad of options: Change.Org, MoveOn.Org, ColorofChange.Org, CredoAction.Com, etc. Do an internet search for petitions and sign. Most require your name and email address, and will encourage you to share on social media.

2. Pick a local government cause, and go to the meetings, speaking when there is an opportunity for public comment.

Local government politics can be overwhelming, but in theory, they are the easiest for people to join and have the most impact. Go to the website for your community — city, county, homeowners’ association — and find a group with a cause about which you are either knowledgeable or passionate. You may quickly find yourself being pulled in many directions, so you will need to be firm, but this is your chance to directly impact your community.

3. Run for office.

One of the main reasons that some people stay in office is because their positions are unopposed. You could be the one that fills that position! Talk to those close to you, as social media means that one’s life is exposed more than ever, but you could be a voice to the voiceless in your community.