Eggs After Midnight

Ever try to get a basic sundry after the sun sets? Ever try to do it any other way than driving? Consider the last time anyone could find a bike rack or even a pole next to a convenience store. Back in the day, children used to run to the store for parents all the time, many of them taking bicycles. However, now that most of society is forced to conform to car culture, basic errands are becoming increasingly difficult to achieve without a motor vehicle.

First, most cities have parking minimums, and that includes convenience stores. It makes no sense to assume that everyone would be driving, especially when such a store is surrounded by high density living. Even still, so much suburban development means that fewer people feel safe enough without a car, especially as some people stare at cyclists with contempt. As long as parking minimums are required, biking to convenience stores will happen less in WEIRD countries.

Next, bicycles are being viewed as exercise equipment rather than transportation. If a vehicle is viewed as a luxury rather than a way of life, fewer people are going to commit to its safety. The working class sees bicycles as a way of life, but too many business owners and employers are way behind in how they plan. While it is true that cycling can be a hobby, it needs to be more obvious to people that very few people use bicycles just for fun.

During the day, long before the sun sets, people can run multiple errands everywhere, in a variety of ways. In the early evening, people still see more pedestrians going to convenience stores. However, if we are committed to a 24/7 culture, we need to understand that people will be accessing different businesses in a variety of way. Hopefully soon, cyclists will feel just as safe coming from their night jobs to pick up groceries on their way home.

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