On the Steps to Justice

In all of the most “progressive” cities, people can find homeless encampments everywhere. Some of the inhabitants have gone so far as to establish leadership to better negotiate with the local governments. Meanwhile, the temperatures and violence throughout the country are escalating, making the unhoused populations even more vulnerable, and subject to the nastiness of being seen as unworthy. Austin made a real point of making homelessness illegal, but the truth is that there was never any problem with unhoused people. In all honesty, the folks who made others homeless refused to accept their roles in the problem, and projected their shame onto the most vulnerable populations.


During the day, many people have jobs and many businesses are in operation, and the dominant narrative works to maintain the facade that everything is acceptable. Inequality is skyrocketing, and more people understand that, so the narrative is forced to work harder to sell the lies. At night, however, there are no barriers to the truths of the United States: the unhoused sleep as safely as they can, navigating the late drinking crowds and avoiding the police. The snobs of the daytime are unbothered, because most people are asleep, proving that “problems” are only relevant if visible. Not enough people consider that hidden problems only become visible when escalating out of control.


Unfortunately for the snobs, more people are working different shifts, and people are seeing who is denied the dignity of existence for no reason other than bullying. One of the best things about working at night is that one can see the discarded reality from the day, and the efforts in propping up lies so that abusive people can sleep well. Walking for miles at night was uneventful, and most of the people still working and required to find a safe way home were BIPOCQ service workers, while most of the customers were not; therefore, even the narrative of a “dangerous” nighttime was a lie. When there was a substantive middle class, few people were working multiple jobs to close doors or using their vehicles to feed themselves. Now, more people realize how service workers are manipulated into sustaining a neverending party for people who hate them.


The era of accountability will mean that those who thought they were safely exploiting others will finally be seen insatiably greedy. There is no reason for increasing tent cities except that some people can never have enough, and have supporters who abdicate their part in persistent disparity. Edging towards justice will mean that the privileged populations will have to face the mess they created, and their enablers will be helpless against righteous anger.

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