Tax Deductible Dictatorship

While the non-profit industrial complex is definitely responsible for its own messes, it is certainly not responsible for all of the problems in the current era. Problematic individuals are usually given their permissions by people in authority, which is why it becomes more terrifying that everyone scattered after Cult45 lost his “election.” What about the power grabs people fail to see because the “leaders” are glossed over as “benefactors” while they perpetuate dangerous stereotypes? As society in the United States begins its tenuous evolution, people need to be more careful about granting the benefit of the doubt to entities that appear to be harmless, but are stalling growth.

What do ERCOT, the Appraisal Foundation, and all political parties have in common? All are non-profit organizations, and have more control over policy than anyone could ever know. ERCOT effectively became a murderous entity after sliding away from the federal grid and refusing to update its infrastructure. As discussed earlier, the Appraisal Foundation is responsible for determining appraisal standards for the entire country; however, it is not required to publish its standards, which are proprietary despite being cited in all state rules. Political parties determine what people are worthy of power, alienating anyone who fails to acquire an elite endorsement. Non-profit status was used for smaller entities without resources, but when used by the government itself, it becomes a way to escape accountability and thwart transparency.

Additionally, non-profits tend to allow exclusive authority while foisting its liabilities onto its “consumers.” ERCOT will face no consequences for its mismanagement for two reasons: 1) Texas government does not believe in holding officials responsible for anything; and 2) leadership has resigned, and government officials use that to distract from misbehavior. Those “leaders” got to keep their salaries, and the mainstream media is already rationalizing how privatization allows “flexibility”–murdered who knows how many people, but capable of self improvement? The housing market has cratered and kept people homeless, but appraisal standards are still hidden behind a paywall. Elected officials renege on all their “promises,” but people keep shaming others for not participating in elections. This behavior is not college kids binge-drinking–it is actively harming people while claiming that the “leaders” are paragons.

Finally, when people see non-profit, they believe “harmless.” Not enough people are aware that the same status used for churches and mutual aid is used to hide assets and cleanse reputations. Posing as a non-profit is a lie about authority, and the people of the United States deserve better than government hiding the enforcement of its power.

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