Refusing to Concede

Everyone has enjoyed a grand old time mocking Cult45 for his refusal to concede. Yes, he refused to concede even when all the votes have been counted, multiple times; he refuses to concede despite the courts having shot down all of his lawsuits. He refuses to concede even though the polls have shown him repeatedly that no one wants to buy what he wants to sell. Everyone is having a really good time laughing at this person who has been given reality and the facts, but refuses to acknowledge that such is reality and such are the facts. How about another reality? He is not the only one in this nation that is refusing to concede that things have changed.

The stock market is now trading water futures. If anybody remembers in 2002, there was a movie called “The Tuxedo” where the plot of the villain, was to poison the majority of the world’s drinking water supply so that he could monopolize and privatize the market. That movie was supposedly fiction. To avoid confusion, that is absolutely the world taking shape. When one considers Standing Rock, how much waste has been dumped in rivers and oceans, how much money has been paid to governments to avoid cleaning up the mess, and beliefs about who is “entitled” to clean, fresh drinking water, what actually is the difference between reality and that movie?

This pandemic has shown us that those in charge are pathologically insatiable. Countless thousands have been out of work and denied relief while healthcare costs are skyrocketing. Meanwhile, all the marketing departments are still trying to placate us with the idea of Christmas shopping. People are starving, evictions are looming, and all kinds of terror is about to be unleashed on the remaining healthy part of the populace. Despite all of this reality, rents are due to rise and living costs are expected to increase, but not wages. Apparently, there is still a politician so deluded that he believes that minimum wage pays for college. Everyone keeps touting consumption as the answer to all of these crises. Essentially, the United States refuses to concede that all of our current policies keep these crises in motion.

Too many of the population refuses to concede that any of this system is worth the lives of 300,000. Go ahead and enjoy laughing at Cult45. Enjoy the giggles, because nobody else on a leadership level has demonstrated any recognition that society has forever changed. We are never ever going to be able to do what we did before this year, but everyone refuses to concede. Until pathologically insatiable people understand that we need a paradigm shift, the crises are only going to get worse. Pretending as if nothing has genuinely changed is how too many people want to keep living. Fine, we can all refuse to concede. Next year, climate change, financial ruin and a lack of health will be amped up even further by reality, and without a doubt, people will still be booking tickets to ride the Titanic.

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