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Woven In Among Us: Corona Edition

During a global pandemic, not everyone is able to take a break. While Decipher City is a predominantly online project, it would be remiss not to point out how the working class has been placed on the frontlines. Therefore, on the day of what would have been the second tour of “Woven In Among Us: A Chicano Patchwork,” each stop will be briefly reviewed with an eye on how the working class has been afflicted by choices beyond their control. For newcomers, the original route can be accessed here.

Starting at the MACC

For those who are concerned about being out and about during the pandemic, officials in New York and Toronto have recommended cycling and walking as the safest methods of transportation, especially for those without access to personal vehicles. In the city of New York, as well as Minneapolis, certain areas will be restricted to only pedestrians and cyclists.

Emma S. Barrientos Mexican-American Cultural Center

The MACC before the pandemic
The MACC during the pandemic

Miró Public Bathroom

The bathroom before the pandemic
Miro Stop during the pandemic

Fiesta Gardens

Fiesta Gardens before the pandemic
Fiesta Gardens during the pandemic

Holly Street Power Plant

Holly Power Plant wall before the pandemic
Proximity of Holly Power Plant

Santa Rita Courts

Santa Rita Courts before the pandemic
Santa Rita during the pandemic

La Perla’s and Cisco’s

Plaza Saltillo

Plaza Saltillo before the pandemic

La Lotería Mural

Mural before the Pandemic

Bonus Material

Unused Property

Robert Weaver Homes

Robert Weaver Homes before the pandemic

Festival Beach Food Forest and Community Garden

Community garden before the pandemic

Rainey Street

Early morning Rainey Street before the pandemic

Last Day of Graffiti Exhibit

Outside mural before the pandemic

Self-Guided Tour Map

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