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Recap of “Woven In Among Us”: Part 1

For those of you who were not at this event, Jamie DeAngelo recorded the tour and the excellent discussion with my camera phone, because it is fancy. Many thanks to everyone who participated, which included our co-host Christopher Stanton, executive director of Ghisallo Cycling Initiative; Charlotte Moore, author of Benevolence in Black and organizer of Black Bodies Project; Vicki O’Dell of Open Austin; and members of the Festival Beach Food Forest initiative. There are probably many more, and so I thank everyone who participated. Your enthusiasm keeps us going.

  1. Getting started
Introduction to Decipher City and Ghisallo Cycling Initiative.

Owned is a story of real estate in the United States, and extensively covers the urban renewal era.

2. The History of Hackberry

3. East-West Divide in Austin

View from the east perspective

4. Dedrick-Hamilton House

To hear more about the loss of the Dedrick-Hamilton house, an interview with Darwin Hamilton is available, as well as his own words including a book, 25 Years Later. Also, here are links regarding the false account disaster with Wells Fargo with Tim Sloan and John Stumpf.

5. John Yancey Mosaic and Building Survival

Sanford map of East 11th Street in 1928

6. Victory Grill and Firehouse

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