Everything About This is Wrong: The Green Wall That Isn’t

Baudrillard had a lot to say about artifice, where the thing you see isn’t the thing at all, but starts to approach it while never really becoming it. This green wall that isn’t is a major contender for the simulcrum menagerie. This 15 foot by 10 foot shroud of plastic green…netting? encases a portion of the face of an otherwise inoffensive brick surface. From the street, though it does not look remotely convincing, it appears at least orderly. Upon closer inspection, this poor excuse for synthetical Corsican mint strains out of its structure grid, begging for its life to be taken. “Kill me” it screams, “for I am a decorative fraud, a poor player that only adds to the sidewalk heat and provides no vegetative reprieve from the relentless plasticity of the modern age.’ Symbols and reality. Le sigh.

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