race and space

The Future People Wish to Prevent

When people discuss racial integration, there remains an ominous tinge to the concept. “What about what everyone wants? How can people be forced to endure the presence of those they wish to avoid?” These are actual questions, and they stem from this perception of racial integration, which involved multiple levels of government intervention and for people to put their lives on the line:

In reality, this is what racial integration actually looks like:

Everyone is in the shade because of the heat, and nothing is happening. There is no heavy policing, and everyone is enjoying listening to the music or perusing the vendors who are also in the shade. Not shown are all the buses which have direct access to this location, so among the audience are people experiencing homelessness. Everyone is enjoying a certain level of autonomy and in spite of any personal biases, no one is being accused of being unsafe. Consequently, scenes like this are pleasant to participate and observe. This is what everyone is fighting for, and there is nothing fearful about it.

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