DC Podcast Episode 10: Getting Personal: Public Service, Friendship, and Doing the Work

In this episode, DC gets personal! From the State of Black Austin in 2016 to the blog and Hackathon in 2017, to many projects and conferences in 2018, we’ve read a lot, argued a bit, traveled some, and learned a great deal about collective research, editing, and writing.  In short, we (Jamie and Steph) reflect on the past 18 months of work together: what brought us together, how and why interracial activism is hard, and what’s promising about the work that’s been done and lies ahead.

More Resources:

  1. Excellent bios on racial and labor activists

2. On emotional labor in the movements for environmental protection and equality

3. On the history and limitations of interracial activism in the south

4. Robin D.G. Kelley’s book on interracial justice efforts by southern communist sharecroppers in the 1930s

Cover Image: The construction crane, unofficial city bird of Austin.

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