Why People Have to Ask

On November 9, 2016, most people in the United States asked themselves what kinds of activists they would become. Notice those marches? Those people decided to be protesters, and the number of marches and results from those marches has surprised even their predecessors. You see social media posts and emails asking you to sign petitions? Those people decided that signing petitions was the most effective way to be activists, and they constantly look for new causes for which to sign and get signors. We at Decipher City decided to become information activists, because we have cultivated research skills and we work to provide people different perspectives about how the built environment is shaped. Just like many of those organizations, we would enjoy support in our endeavors.

Speaking broadly, there are three types of researchers. Corporate researchers are generally well-funded, but are often told what to report and to hide based on whatever corporate agenda exists. Academic researchers are often scrambling for funds, and are unfortunately controlled by whatever money comes their way, corporate or political. Their only saving grace is that the academic institution promotes their materials and they are often published. Finally, there are independent researchers, like us, who hold ourselves to academic standards when we produce our projects, but have to funding and no promotion. All the conferences, all the meetings, any travel we do, all of it: self-funded. Like many activists, we work full-time jobs, but would devote more time to producing content if it was an option.

We are not a non-profit; if you would like an explanation for why, please read No More Heroes by Jordan Flaherty. In fact, we are seeking to become paid racial equity consultants to local governments, because that was what drew us to formation. Nonetheless, this is what we are, and we would like your help to keep plugging away and finding information you find valuable. Thank you.

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