One Year in the Mix

Last year on June 3, 2018, I spoke for five minutes describing an app that might have brought people together but for a programmer. On June 4, 2018, Decipher City was born. There were two of us and beyond a dream of creating public discourse, we were focused on how to give voice to marginalized people in the built environment. By July 28, 2017, Decipher City LLC was officially incorporated, and by August 15, 2017, we had submitted our first RFQ.

Fastfoward a year, and we have done more than we thought possible with two people. Yes, the app is still in existence and functional, and it can be found at Just send us an email and tell us where you want your voice heard, and we will open up that city for you. Because we took advantage of the blogosphere and have been to international conferences, we are reaching out for new voices. We have a podcast, and yes, we do take suggestions on topics and books to review. Right now, we are in the middle of a large project, so stay tuned for the end of August, because it will be big.

The work is there, and people are doing the work, and we thank all of our followers and listeners for your attention and your feedback. Happy birthday, Decipher City.

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