There Is Enough, But Someone Wants It

Someone once described inequity using the following story. Imagine three people sitting down in front of a platter of cookies. One person takes one cookie, and so does one other. The last person takes the platter, turns to one of the companions and says, “Looks like someone wants your cookie,” while looking at the other one. So it goes in an unjust society: when resources are being hoarded, people are forced to rely on animal instincts. Instead of natural abilities and fairly consistent life patterns, people are forced to work against each other and begin to blame themselves despite the unnatural phenomenon.
There has been a fever pitch about immigration profiling now and why? Because most of the population in the United States was born here, and tension can no longer be stirred about who “looks” like a citizen. All religions, cultures, and complexions abide here, and many if not most are beginning to actively question the status quo. Not only that, marginalized people with all backgrounds are forming organizations and building coalitions. There is no good rationale for injustice, so instead of collaborating to change what divides people, the hoarders work to further divide the populace to divert its attention.
Education was respected until the year 2001, when the tech industry was in the process of reshaping society into what is understood today: faster entertainment, faster information, and exponential funds. The “gurus” had no college education — or very little — and were making money by the fistful. To keep the education pumps primed, the elite began to blame the debt-riddled students for “choosing the wrong field” or “not going to the right schools.” Not surprisingly, PhD programs saw an increase as did law and business schools, and those graduates took on astronomical debt, forcing them into low-paying jobs without upward mobility. To add insult to injury, tradespeople have seen their wages decrease and their conditions worsen, but the “new” rallying cry is for everyone to go to trade school.
Among the races, everything is chaos because of the hoarders’ need for discord. Some are born in the United States while others are not, some practice certain religions while others are atheist, and among all, there have been rich contributions to society. However, all racial identities are seen as monoliths by the hoarders to breed confusion among rapidly expanding discontent. Therefore, many ethnic communities are being displaced, and the unification efforts have faltered due to the need for diversion.
What is the solution to the constant division? The hoarders must be addressed and redressed, and those with ethics must ensure that those without lose their positions of authority. The masses cannot continue to function within dysfunction to maintain complacency. In the end, the cookie platter belongs in the middle of the table, and the third companion should only get as many as the others.

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