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Roof Full of Food

Because there are so many homes being built and roads paved to access those homes, farmland is diminishing. While some claim that such a loss is offset by the rise in affordable housing, food security is another rampant problem in the United States. Some scientists have worked to engineer farmlands in warehouses, but there is still the problem of housing. Fortunately, in New York, some people are recognizing that there are roofs on every building, and they can be transformed into green space, and potentially, food for those who live in the city.
What many people should sense at this point is that green space is mentally relaxing. Yes, cities have resources and society should not turn its eyes away from people, but the most expensive urban land is that which includes green space. “Greening roofs” throughout a city can do two things. First, it can improve the ambiance of the community, especially if that green space is publicly accessible. Second, it would expand the opportunities for neighborhood gardens which could increase food and reduce stress for residents.
More importantly, the space is already there. Knocking down buildings to add bigger buildings is not always the most productive choice, but more developers may actually think twice if there is both an edifice and a natural space enjoyed by people. Cities in China are already doing this, and have discovered that buildings with green space improve air quality and cool the indoors, which is crucial for many areas in the South. Also, such a practice would increase outdoor cultivation jobs for people who live in cities, which would increase the research done to increase yield, increase air quality, etc.
Because of climate change, many people will be working to find solutions with materials that are currently available. Farming seasons have already been affected by changing weather patterns, and much of farmland is being seen as real estate opportunity rather than what feeds the country. Roofs should not be the only answer, but they are currently available resources which can change some of the direction of this country.

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